User Access (zARA)

  • Local Users
  • Group
  • Privileged Access
  • Process run by users
  • Access history
  • HR-Data(in-house & public)
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • Application and OS information
  • Modeling Based on customer enterpise data with E-E
  • App and Software lifecycle and vulnerabilities
  • Risky Access and user based on pattern
  • Role-based access recommendation based on title, function, department
  • Recommendation to remediate anomalies
  • Create rules based on Pattern

Access Risk Assessment Process

Define the Scope of Business Delivery
Define the Scope of Business Delive...
Analyze Data
Analyze Data
Define Analytics Requirement
Define Analytics Requirement
Determine the scope of discovery
Determine the scope of discovery
AI Predictive Analytics
AI Predictive A...
Risk Identification
Risk Identification
Risk Mitigation
Risk Mitigation...
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