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Migration Assessment and planning

  • Server- Switch- storage  (disk, server, software and dependency information)​
  • Import and connect data from CMDB, excel to infrastructure ​
  • Discover NAS infrastructure with mapping to clients and shares
  • Agentless, uses support logfile dump and other collection dumps
  • Automated compatibility check against new hardware across all servers in one click​
  • customizable AI rule industry and customer best practice against storage, server and switches. ​
  • Remediation analysis and validation​
  • Hardware and OS aging reports.
  • Check Software versions, HBA, Qdepth ..
  • Validate against migration method support and downtime requirements ​
  • Compare cloud and onprem cost to choose the specific target​
  • Track your migration automatically with no excel​
  • PMs, Engineers and Architects update online tool on status and reports available for management 24X7
  • Avoids co-ordination between the teams
  • All Data ( tracking, infrastructure discovery, application data, compatibility, cloud cost) in one place
  • Rule based decision making on status and target platform
  • Access control on each datafield and history
  • Migration progress dashboard​
  • Capacity, validation charts and dashboard​
  • Accurate infrastructure discovery and validation to avoid human errors.
  • Canned reporting based on the user and responsibility. ​
  • Dynamic charts, custom validation rules with configuration.

Migration Assessment Flow

Define the Scope of Business Delivery
Define the Scope...
Define Scope of Discovery
Define Scope...
Pre-Migration Validation
Pre-Migration Val...
Choose Migration Method
Choose Migration Meth...
Check Compatibility with the Target Platform
Check Compatibil...
AI/ML based Target Mapping
AI/ML based Ta...
Discover the Devices
Discover the...
Determine the Discovery process
Determine the D...
Customer Collaboration
Customer C...
Post – Migration Validation
Post – Migration V...
Progress Tracking
Progress Tracking
Migration Plan
Migration Plan
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