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Insights As a Service

User Access (zARA)

Asset Discovery and Inventory



Cyber Resiliency Auditing

Migration Assessment and planning

Capacity Management

Chargeback as a Service

Insights Process Flow

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Analyze Data
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User Access (zARA)

  • Local Users
  • Group
  • Privileged Access
  • Process run by users
  • Access history
  • HR-Data(in-house & public)
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • Application and OS information
  • Modeling Based on customer enterpise data with E-E
  • App and Software lifecycle and vulnerabilities
  • Risky Access and user based on pattern
  • Role-based access recommendation based on title, function, department
  • Recommendation to remediate anomalies
  • Create rules based on Pattern

Inventory Management​


  • Storage​
  • SAN switches​
  • Servers​ (Both physical and Virtual)​
  • Backup​
  • Cloud​
  • Network​
  • Import data from CSV and Excel​

Datacenter data collection​

  • Discover infrastructure with agentless collection​
  • Servers logs with either EMCgrab or ZENfra collection for physical servers​
  • Virtual servers with Rvtools and other collections​
  • Storage collection with standard support logs​
  • Backup software information ​

Link Data from CMDB​

  • Export data from CMDB And import to ZENfra​
  • ZENfra automatically connects data from CMDB to collected data​

Validate data and export​

  • Compare data from ZENfra to CSR and identifies discrepancies with validation rules​
  • Export accurate data from ZENfra to CSR​



Al & ML


Cyber Resiliency Auditing


  • Analyze applications and create MVC​
  • Design Solution to meet Business requirement​
  • Design and validate backup solution​

compliance Assessment​

  • Assessment to make sure backup is properly configured and working​

Incident Response​

Engage Resources within 4 business hours of incident to assist customer on Business recovery​

  • Backup​
  • Server ​
  • Storage ​
  • Cloud ( AWS, Azure)​

Pre-Negotiated contract and Paper-work​

  • Assessment fixed cost per month/Per quarter on per server basis​
  • Negotiated Hourly rate for the incident response team​
  • Vendor Paperwork signed and ready to be engaged​

Cyber Resiliency - zResiliency


  • Business​
  • Applications​
  • Business criticality​


  • Filesystem​
  • Database​
  • NAS​

Data Protection

  • Remote Replication​
  • Local Replication and snap​
  • Backup schedules and status​
  • Vault Schedule and locations​

AI Recommendations

  • Application-level validation based on pattern and recommending anomalies across business.​
  • Recommendation of Data protection ( disk and backup) based on application and business. ​
  • Chargeback to business based on protection​

Migration Assessment and planning

  • Server- Switch- storage  (disk, server, software and dependency information)​
  • Import and connect data from CMDB, excel to infrastructure ​
  • Discover NAS infrastructure with mapping to clients and shares
  • Agentless, uses support logfile dump and other collection dumps
  • Automated compatibility check against new hardware across all servers in one click​
  • customizable AI rule industry and customer best practice against storage, server and switches. ​
  • Remediation analysis and validation​
  • Hardware and OS aging reports.
  • Check Software versions, HBA, Qdepth ..
  • Validate against migration method support and downtime requirements ​
  • Compare cloud and onprem cost to choose the specific target​
  • Track your migration automatically with no excel​
  • PMs, Engineers and Architects update online tool on status and reports available for management 24X7
  • Avoids co-ordination between the teams
  • All Data ( tracking, infrastructure discovery, application data, compatibility, cloud cost) in one place
  • Rule based decision making on status and target platform
  • Access control on each datafield and history
  • Migration progress dashboard​
  • Capacity, validation charts and dashboard​
  • Accurate infrastructure discovery and validation to avoid human errors.
  • Canned reporting based on the user and responsibility. ​
  • Dynamic charts, custom validation rules with configuration.

Capacity Management




Chargeback as a Service

  • Asset Database
  • Application & BU Allocations
  • Server Collection
  • Switch Collection
  • Storage Collection
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • Application and OS information
  • Modeling based on customer enterprise data with E-E.
  • App and Software lifecycle and vulnerabilities
  • Risky Access and user based on pattern
  • Role-based access recommendation based on Title, Function, and Department​
  • Recommendation to remediate anomalies
  • Create rules based on Patterns
  • Storage – Capacity, replication
  • Compute – OS, Memory and CPU
  • Backup – capacity, and protection.
  • Cloud – Compute and Storage
  • Business and app information.
  • Based on utilization
  • Data Protection and availability.
  • Flexible to configure per G/ sizing.
  • On-prem offering configuration.
  • Consolidated business chargeback.
  • Protection and business Resiliency with accurate chargeback report.
  • Calculator for customer to find internal cost and chargeback.

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Why Virtual Tech Gurus For Insights as a Service

With the complex nature of the business, Customers need to have separate teams and multiple tools to get the reports and validation to get the data they need to meet business and auditing needs.

VTG’s Insights as a Service provides worry-free accurate reporting with Zero-touch needed from the customer. VTG collects, processes, and validates data, before providing information to customers.

They are highly customizable to meet customer report needs. In the end, the customer gets accurate reporting to meet their business and audit demands.

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