Mainframe in the Cloud – Time to Migrate?

Have mainframes had their day? Certainly, they represent old technology compared to today’s on-premise or cloud infrastructures. But, for many organizations that run large-scale mission-critical applications or process huge amounts of data, mainframes remain an important resource. In Gartner’s concept of ‘two-speed IT’, legacy infrastructures like mainframe provide an essential stable environment for specific workloads. … Read more

What Shaped Migration in 2017?

The 2017 State of Resilience Report by Vision Solutions shared some interesting insights into trends and issues in migration over the past year. The report’s findings were based on a survey of more than 400 IT professionals. Migration Goals Vary The top three migration goals, according to respondents, were to replace outdated server hardware, improve … Read more

Delivering IT Resilience

The terminology surrounding business continuity is changing. It began with ‘disaster recovery’ and evolved to ‘business continuity.’ Now, experts are focusing on ‘business resilience.’ Taking out an insurance policy against one-time catastrophic events is no longer sufficient. Today, the emphasis is on continuous service availability, rather than recovery. That’s crucial because IT is focused on … Read more