How Will Digital Transformation Impact Infrastructure?

Digital transformation is high on the agenda of many businesses. They see it as a way to improve productivity, efficiency, customer service and overall competitiveness. To support digital transformation, infrastructure must be highly resilient to maximize uptime and scalable to handle variable demand. It must also have the capacity to handle massive volume of data … Read more

Speed up Migration – Remove the Day-to-Day Barriers

With growing numbers of businesses planning or implementing digital transformation, migration to the cloud has become a priority for IT teams. Cloud services provide the agility and flexibility that is key to the success of a digital transformation. However, IT leaders continues to report that day-to-day operational issues are taking time that could be spent … Read more

Get Greater Control over Your Networks

Network uptime is critical to overall data center performance. As businesses concentrate on digital transformation, they will grow increasingly dependent on anytime, anywhere access to applications and services for both customers and employees. In that sense, network uptime makes an important contribution to user and customer experience. It also ensures the successful deployment of cloud … Read more

What Can Intent-Based Networking Do For Your Business?

Intent-based networking is an emerging approach to automating network management and policy enforcement. IBNS, as it is known, is software that helps administrators plan, design, implement and operate networks in a way that improves availability and agility. Gartner describes IBNS as lifecycle management software for networking infrastructure. Veriflow, an early player in the market, claims … Read more