Will Infrastructure Automation Weaken Security? Keep Compliance Front of Mind

Infrastructure automation simplifies the monitoring and management of data center resources. But, can it maintain security when changes are becoming faster and more frequent? If your business is subject to regulatory compliance or stringent customer SLAs, maintaining security in step with changes is critical. Non-compliance can lead to fines or loss of customer confidence with … Read more

What’s the Connection? Why Application Mapping Matters to Migration Success

Migration generally takes place over a period of time, even if it’s a short period. The problem is that users rely on their applications to work productively and efficiently on a daily basis. Any disruption can create problems for users. And, if the application is mission-critical, like an ERP system, that disruption could cause major … Read more

How Far Should Infrastructure Automation Go? Prioritize and Evaluate First

In many ways, infrastructure automation looks like an ideal way forward for the IT team. It promises improvements in efficiency and accountability. And, it can reduce costs and risk. According to Gartner, automation deployments are increasing. The firm forecast that 75 percent of enterprises would have more than four automation technologies in their IT management … Read more