Cloud Technology

What Is Cloud? You would get a different response for the same question depending upon whom you ask. .  If it’s a student, the response may be as a noun. “A visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground.” If it was someone working with computers, you would get … Read more

Cloud Computing in Docker Era

Cloud computing in Docker era Docker is creating ways to orchestrate the Container based application deployments. It has the potential to change the IT infrastructure with its own functionalities which may replace some current architecture. Image source: Docker In today’s Cloud Computing world, if we need to request for a computer resource, basically we request … Read more

Join us Apr 30th – How Cloud technologies affect infrastructures and an overview of backup and DR strategies

            Is it time to consider evolving your Cloud technology beyond your current business use? Orperhaps you are looking at how to maximize the Cloud to save on OpEx while becoming more efficient? Then join us for our upcoming session where our expert speakers will cover important topics including: • … Read more