Cloud Security and Business Responsibility

Businesses should understand the different methods of security attacks and different areas of vulnerabilities within their organization. When we hear about these attacks that have compromised user accounts on cloud services and SaaS (Software as a Service) providers, we want to know about the security infrastructure deployed in the datacenter of the cloud service provider. … Read more

Big Data for the Smarter World

Big Data has been buzzed about around the business world quite a bit. Big and small organizations are betting this will help their organizations to understand their business areas and customers better. The definition of Big Data is still diverse; but we can define Big Data as follows: ‚ÄúAnalyzing the large amount of structured and … Read more

Generations of IT

Virtualization and Cloud Today, many organizations are migrating their enterprise application loads to the cloud. The cloud is nothing but a remote data center of a cloud service provider. Customers rent the resources for Computer Storage and Networking from the Cloud. The evolution of the cloud was started from the Virtualization. The Booming of Virtualization: … Read more


Amid Severe Budget Cuts, Improved IT Efficiency Preserves Education Funding The Tyler Independent School District was caught in the financial vice of having thousands of old computers in desperate need of replacement, while losing significant state education funding. Teachers and students alike avoided using the machines because they were slow and often incapable of running … Read more