Enable seamless communication from team to team


Enterprise Concerns


  • Enterprises have Culture centered on silos of expertise and business-unit focus
  • Failure to understand the needs of the enterprise
  • Culture makes it hard to identify a standard collection of requirements
  • People are much more complex and difficult to change
  • Snackers
  • Hiring, Retention, and managing people


  • Change Control process for a release and deployment needs to be completed for every change
  • No time for documentation
  • Difficulty in understanding development and deployment process
  • Silos within the department and functions, restrict access to collaborate and follow process
  • Slow deployment time


  • Compliance rules never grasped by people
  • Different compliance rules apply depending on the application or customer type
  • Manual implementation increases delivery cycle time
  • Manual implementation - Prone to mistakes and errors
  • Need to adopt alternative ways for seeing who and how changes can be made


  • Slow Infrastructure deployment times
  • Big, heavyweight, risky, infrastructure complexities
  • Inefficient working and inflexible manual processes
  • Bottlenecks and inconsistencies in environments
  • Reduced capability for innovation
  • Dissatisfaction by the business and Shadow IT
  • Lost opportunity and market share

Create a
Collaboration Culture

We believe in balancing and integrating improvement strategies across people, process, and tools to create meaningful business results such as:

  • Keeping your team up to date on cutting-edge practices
  • Utilizing a system level approach in process design
  • Creating a prioritized roadmap and tactical project plan

At VTG, we see DevOps as an Enterprise Architecture Framework that allows seamless communication between development and operations team to deliver highly available and secure infrastructure on time.

VTG Approach - DevOps lifecycle, a Continuous on-going interactions and feedback between the Customers- Business-Development-Operations.

Implement Best Practices

VTG utilizes a 3-step approach to DevOps transformation:

  • Current maturity
  • As-is process
  • Capacity to work in this way
  • Quick wins and pain points 
  • Transition plan
  • Architecture blueprint
  • Organization & training
  • To-be process 
  • Automation
  • Platform
  • Process change
  • Cultural change
  • Organizational change 

Deliver Timely, Secure Infrastructure

Improve the processes, technology, and work of your organization. We help you save time and money by using automation and modern platform development. DevOps helps the following aspects of your business:


  • Working Practices
  • Agile Business Process
  • Engineering
  • Best Practices
  • Standard Operating
  • Procedure


Reference process architecture
Reference tool chain design and individual tool selection
Prioritized roadmap and tactical project plans for organization’s internal project management process
Future state process map - the target state for the improvement projects - rallying point for the improvement team

Data Center Migration

We make the DevOps adoption simple and effective

  • Servers

  • Storage

  • Network–LAN Extension/Bandwidth

  • Application -> Servers

  • Application Owners

  • Licensing

  • IP Address Change

  • Application Dependency

We Love Making Our Customers Happy

"There was nothing in the process that we thought could have been improved, but we were proven wrong. We were extremely happy with the way the project was managed."

- Major Motorcycle Manufacturer

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