April Newsletter 2018

Welcome to the April issue of the VTG newsletter. The focus on digital transformation should bring CIOs into a closer working relationship with other executives, as a recent report by Forbes found. The report highlights the potential benefits of collaboration between CIOs and CFOs. CFOs must encourage collaboration and long-term investment in digital strategies, while … Read more

March Newsletter 2018

Welcome to the March issue of the VTG newsletter. Digital transformation remains high on the agenda of both business and IT leaders, but reports from leading analysts like Forrester indicate that IT may need greater support and commitment to transformation from the top to maintain momentum. Researchers also see a changing role for IT as … Read more

February Newsletter 2018

Welcome to the February issue of the VTG newsletter. Emerging technologies continue to have an impact on both legacy and more recent solutions in the data center. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, for example, can help accelerate infrastructure automation. And, in networking, leading analysts see SD WAN solutions as key to future digital initiatives…..

January Newsletter 2018

Welcome to the January issue of the VTG Newsletter. Happy New Year to all our readers. We hope you had a great holiday and are looking forward to the opportunities and challenges of 2018…

September Newsletter 2017

It’s been clear for a long time that the traditional IT roles are changing. Cloud, digital transformation, the Internet of Things and the continuing growth of data is impacting the data center and the role of the IT team….

February Newsletter 2017

In this issue, we explore the Three trends impacting Data Centers in 2017 and get insights into the cost of Data Center Migration. Also we delve into Staffing related news like ‘Agile Talent’ and whether Executive orders are damaging US Tech Businesses.

January Newsletter 2017

In this issue, we explore the new opportunities and challenges of 2017. Our Data Center Survey results shows the respondents’ Data center priorities, their Hyperconvergence Strategy, Data Center challenges and Infrastructure Reporting and Management challenges. Also see the recent developments in Migration.