How AI is Transforming IT Operations

As businesses accelerate digital transformation, managing availability and performance becomes a priority. Traditional approaches to IT operations lack the speed and accuracy to maintain the highest levels of customer and user experience – a new approach is essential. Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to provide the vital support for faster and better decision making in … Read more

How Vendors Can Accelerate Digital Transformation

How Vendors Can Accelerate Digital Transformation

In Forrester Research’s ‘Predictions 2018’, the firm reported that more than 60 percent of executives believe they are lagging behind in their digital transformations. Earlier studies by Forrester found that most businesses are actively developing digital capabilities, but have not yet achieved ‘digital mastery’. A scarcity of digital skills is one of the contributing factors, … Read more

Why Converged Infrastructure can Improve Availability in the Data Center

With continuing pressure on data center managers to maintain the highest levels of responsiveness and availability, converged infrastructure is emerging as a solution that reduces costs and operational complexity, and increases efficiency. The simplified, scalable infrastructure can be centrally managed with a single source of support, reducing the risk of downtime, maximizing availability and making … Read more

What Can Intent-Based Networking Do For Your Business?

Intent-based networking is an emerging approach to automating network management and policy enforcement. IBNS, as it is known, is software that helps administrators plan, design, implement and operate networks in a way that improves availability and agility. Gartner describes IBNS as lifecycle management software for networking infrastructure. Veriflow, an early player in the market, claims … Read more

SD-WAN – What’s the Buzz?

Software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) technology is forecast to double in market size in each of the next three years. Sixty-four percent of US companies are planning to implement or expanding implementation from a traditional WAN to an SD-WAN solution in the next 12 months, according to Forrester Research. A report from IDC indicates that demand … Read more

Who Needs Infrastructure Assessment?

Who Needs Infrastructure Assessment? – How to Satisfy All Your Stakeholders Okay, you’ve completed the infrastructure assessment, produced your report and put together your recommendations. What do you do with the report? Who needs to know about your findings, and how will it benefit them? You’ve now got essential data on your infrastructure that can … Read more

Perform, Adapt, Comply, Secure – How Fit is Your Infrastructure?

Do you really know how well your infrastructure is performing? Does it provide the performance you need to deliver new services and applications quickly? Is it using resources efficiently and helping you control costs? And, does it provide a level of security that protects your users and your data effectively? If you have any doubts, … Read more

Why Infrastructure Automation is Such a Struggle for Corporations

Automation offers many benefits such as, efficiency, accountability, predictability while lowering cost, variability and risk. So with advantages like these, why aren’t more companies automating their infrastructure? The answer has to do with ‘where to begin’ and understanding where to start. “Gartner predicts that by 2017, 75 percent of enterprises will have more than four … Read more

Are the Challenges of Next Generation Infrastructure Worth the Rewards?

Like many pioneering technologies Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) is hailed as a transformative option, yet most organizations have not yet fully taken advantage of it possibly due to the up-front investment. Even with the promise of leaner operations that rely more on cloud-provider-level hardware and software efficiencies, NGI’s maturity and complexity has slowed adoption. Next … Read more