Cloud Migration – Is it the Beginning or the End?

A recent article by McKinsey & Company, ‘Cloud adoption to accelerate IT modernization’, posed the question – is migration to the cloud a means, not an end in itself? The firm points out that many organizations are struggling to get full value from their move to the cloud, despite spending on cloud initiatives running at … Read more

Calculating the Real Benefits of Cloud Migration

Calculating the Real Benefits of Cloud Migration Moving workloads to the cloud is rarely an ad-hoc decision. Organizations put together a business case to justify their decision. But, what are the real measures of cloud migration and how should organizations calculate them? ROI Calculations Remain Essential A 2017 study by ISACA – ‘How enterprises are … Read more

Why Edge Services are Important to Successful Cloud Adoption

Businesses increasing their adoption and dependence on cloud applications and services must ensure a seamless end-to-end journey between users and their applications. However, a recent study by Forrester Research – ‘Make Edge Services an Integral Part of Your Cloud Strategy’ – found that unplanned downtime was frequently having a negative impact on user experience. Forrester … Read more

How Efficient is Your Infrastructure?

How Efficient is Your Infrastructure? Businesses considering a move to the cloud take many factors into consideration. They may want to make their operations more agile, reduce their costs, increase scalability or improve mobile and remote access to applications and services for employees and customers. In some cases, the driving factors may be closer to … Read more